Trevi Fountain

6 X 7 feet photo montage Have you been to the Trevi Fountain recently? If so, it’s beautiful. The bleached white stone, the edifice behind and the gods wrestling with nature. There’s something we can learn from it even today. However what caught my attention was the mass movement of people doing selfies. In homage […]

Draw/Erase Project

journal entry Draw Erase 22X30 inches graphite, watercolor on paper Draw Erase Shoot 22X30 inches graphite, watercolor, ink on paper sketch for silkscreen, graphite, watercolor and ink sketch for silkscreen, graphite, watercolor assemblage and mixed media linocut print Draw Erase Collage 22X30 inches graphite, watercolor, collage on paper Voice Veil Erase 22X30 inches graphite, watercolor, lipstick […]

Slavery and the Constitution

The reverence and brilliance with which the Constitution is regarded casts a glow upon it that often deflects scrutiny. But seeing race play out over and over on the contemporary scene I became more and more fascinated with the origins of our race problem. I’ve read the Constitution three times over the last few years […]

three fifths

The Constitution alludes to slavery four times without mentioning it directly. One citation is the “…three fifths of all other persons” clause. In this case “all other persons” refers to slaves. These pictures represent physically the approximate body weight of three fifths a person or 60 percent of the human body.   small watercolor and […]


  graphite, watercolor, acrylic and ink on canvas 36X60 inches

War Limit?

War Limit silkscreens on studio wall, edition about 50 or so Original drawing using acryli , chalk and gouache Finished drawing for use as silk screen model Variation on a theme Linocut just for kicks finished silk screen in print drawer “God created war so that Americans would learn geography.”    Mark Twain

End of photography as I knew it

A couple years ago I was heading to the gallery where my photographs from a recent exhibition were hanging. The idea was to take them down. But that morning a scout from Ralph Lauren came in and was considering using the gallery and the pictures as a backdrop for a fashion photo shoot. The gallery […]