My art is about life and death and philosophy and the mechanics of making art. It incorporates an idea about the process of repetition and the cycle of creation and destruction. Whether it has to do with people or a simple drawing, we are always involved in this process. Unfortunately some get caught in the destructive side. But in essence, as an artist, I am about creating and repeating creating while embracing the erasing, deleting or destruction.

While young I was an artist in the sense that I drew. But later I turned to photography. I am now a professional photographer but also photograph for arts sake. I move from medium to medium and have learned to embrace the change: writing, drawing, painting, collage, photography, music, montage…      I take my art seriously but love irony and humor and the absurd.

I like to think that I’m contemporary. I’m motivated by culture, selfies, social media, politics, philosophy, the carnival of life, other artists and the wind.