Kyoto Aesthetics

Table of Aesthetics for Kyoto Japan

Table of Aesthetic Values, Kyoto version

Based on my previous chart entitled “The Table of Aesthetic Values”, I have just made a Kyoto version in preparation for my upcoming show entitled “Kyoto: Art and Idea” at the Art Complex Museum. The chart is a made up of cut-outs from Kyoto photographs which will be part of the exhibition at the museum. Written on the bottom of the chart is the original formula I devised for art: “Art could be described as minimum matter with maximum thought: M < T ∞”. On the right it is written, “The physical universe has its elements, so too does the artist’s universe. Here is a snapshot – a frozen moment of an everchanging world – of a volatile creative universe that occasionally reveals itself in a finalized art form.” Elements that have been added to the Kyoto chart include journal: poetry, gesture, zen, haiku, shinto, seasons, blossoms, equivalence, bokeh, nature, isolation, obscurity, temple, cafe, Kyoto, imperfection, travel, zeitgeist, framework, symbol and icon.

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